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Hello, everyone my name is Anquanesha and I've been in the health field since 2012. I started as a CNA now turned nurse whose making business moves. Travel Nurse Nene started from me loving to travel while being a nurse, I have my business Humblewithlove where I teach CNA Prep courses and also my HHA where I go out and care for people in their homes, or nursing facilities. Travel Nurse Nene however is more about me personally branding me as a young nurse changing the game, inspiring others to join the movement. I work full time also five days out the week and I do mission trips once a year to give back. Make sure you check out the content for my yearly mission trips. Travel Nurse Nene is my baby, my heart, my passion. You have to be able to believe in yourself to just jump and go and live your life, I'll blog monthly to keep you guys updated on my life and what its like to be a nurse on the run. I hope you guys enjoy, get inspired, and follow me on my journey.  

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Travel Nursing

Whew ladies and gentleman. Let me first start off by telling y'all I'm in the ATL right now on a travel assignment and baby they giving me a run for my money lol. I've been here since January and I've just been able to sit down and tell you guys about my trip so far. The facility I'm at right now I wouldn't recommend to anyone but in this field you always run into crazy things. The ATL life is just so much to do and I've met so many powerful women since I've been here and I've been eating good. I could probably sit out a meal or two. Have you guys been to ATL to work or just visit? What do you recommended? I'LL BE GOING MOR IN-DEPTH ON YOUTUBE ABOUT MY TRAVEL ASSIGNMENT. KEEP YOUR EYE OUT!!!



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